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Hi! Welcome to Unleash Your Health with Anne.  My name is Anne Knapp.  I created Unleash Your Health with Anne as a product of my journey from aligning with the norm to questioning what else was possible with wellness, my body, and overall happiness in this life.

Growing up I was a very quiet, shy person.  Afraid of going against the norm, never questioning anything, yet never feeling as if I fit in.  I based my life on others points of views of what would be best from me.  Despite this, I created a successful career as a Physical Therapist.  

It wasn't until I was in my early 40's, when I was experiencing some minor ailments and anxiety, that I started questioning my life.  This led me to become a Holistic Health coach and pursue various other modalities.  Then I found Access Consciousness, a body of work that assisted me to realize what I was looking for actually began with me and not outside of me.  Access Consciousness tools and the Access Consciousness Bars assisted me to get out of my head and create more ease with my body and my life.

Now I use these tools along with my knowledge and experience with bodies to empower others to have more ease with their bodies, and to move beyond those areas in their life that they fell stuck in the muck.

What if you could create a different reality with your body and your life?  Would you choose it?

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