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Below is a list of some of the services I have to offer.  For questions or to schedule an appointment, contact me via phone or Facebook messenger:



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Access Consciousness Bars

Access Energetic Face Lift

'Access Bars is a gentle hands on modality involving the gentle touch of 32 point on the head relating to various areas and aspects of your life.  This touch assists the release of the electromagnetic charge on thoughts, decisions, beliefs that have limited you in these aspects of life.  People report better health, decreased pain, less stress and anxiety.  Every session and what is received by the individual is different.

For more information Click the link below:

Access Bars

Investment:  1 hour - $75.00,  1/2 hour - $40.00

MTVSS (Immune Process)

The Energetic Face Lift is a soothing touch applied to the face and neck that works with the bodies cells to restore and reenergize.  People have reported glowing skin, clarity of the eyes, improved relaxation, and more energy.

Investment:  1 hour - $75.00,  1/2 hour - $40.00

Get Unstuck Session

MTVSS is a hands on body process that assists in unlocking the areas in the body that we have stored our judgments, feelings and points of view.  This in turn can assist with immunity, digestion, and more.

Investment:  1 hour - $75.00,  1/2 hour - $40.00

Getting Unstuck Sessions are one on one consultations to explore areas in your life that you are feeling stuck, keep repeating same patterns, or just can't seem to create.  It can be realated to body, money, relationships and more.  I will use tools from Access Consciousness to empower you to move forward

Investment:  1 hour - $75.00,  1/2 hour - $40.00

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